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Built-in controls with multi-level supervisor approvals

Automatically assign charge numbers and allocations via contract management

Mobile Apps for employee entries

Labor utilization reporting

Timetracker planning tool


Travel & Expense

Travel funding synced with Contract CLINs/SLINs

Automated approval process pre-travel and post travel for reimbursements

Simple/streamlined reporting for off-site employees

Customized Reporting

Contracts Management

Contracts Management

Manages contracts, sub contracts, and modifications

Track funds/hours, expended, balance, remaining, billed, unbilled and paid

Maps contract labor categories to employees

Month End Reporting

Human Resources

Human Resources

Record Keeping - personnel info, preferences, travel, EEO compliance

Internal and Adhoc Reporting

Benefits options

Applicant Tracking System: Match openings to resumes

Employee Reviews

Current Job Openings and position status tracking



Accounts Receivable / Payable

Payroll system synced with timekeeping

Automated billing synced with Timecards and Contracts

Create templates using easy drag-and-drop fields

Capture Job Cost/Project Accounting

General Ledger