We may be new on the scene, but we’ve seen a thing or two.

Lojix was started as an answer to one question: As a small business, why should necessary software be so cost prohibitive?

Our founder, an owner of a small government contracting company, just couldn't conceive (or afford) paying the exorbitant cost associated with widely known ERP systems. However, as business grew it became more and more of a necessity to have a fully integrated system. Instead of letting cost be the barrier to saving time and money, in 2015 Lojix software was created.

Initially Lojix was designed as an internal system. Then word got out and it wasn’t long before other companies were asking to use Lojix, too. In 2016, Lojix spun off into the independent company it is today.

In a short amount of time, Lojix has achieved a lot. Today Lojix has five modules: Timekeeping, Travel & Expense, Contracts Management, Human Resources and Accounting with more to come.

We’re innovative. We’re responsive. We’re excited about the future and your interest in the ONLY affordable ERP system.

~The Lojix Team